Bulletin of the IDF No. 300/1995 – Technical guide for the packaging of milk and milk Products – Third edition

Bulletin of the IDF No. 300/1995

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by Group B4 – Technical aspects of the packaging of milk and milk products(See also Bulletins N°143/1982 & N°214/1987)

This complete revision of the IDF Packaging Guide published in 1982 comprises 20 chapters. The following topics are examined:

1. Some of the relevant aspects for consideration when evaluating the packaging or the packaging system for milk and milk products.

2. Requirements of packaging regulations.

3. The significance of migration, legal regulations pertaining to it, factors affecting it and methods of analysis.

4. Factors affecting flavour and prevention of flavour effects from the packaging material.

5. Retail and bulk packages, and assessment of mechanical strength.

6 Extrinsic and intrinsic factors influencing photooxidation and the effects of light on chemical components and physico-chemical parameters of milk and milk products.

7. Single-use and multi-use containers.

8. Hygienic design of packaging equipment.

9. Aseptic packaging.

10. Different aspects of high energy radiation for the sterilization of packaging materials and packages.

11. Fibreboard, board, pulpboard, plastics and paper.

12. The environmental impact of dairy packaging illustrated by some examples of Life Cycle Analysis studies.

13. Material resources and energy resources, energy ratios for primary and secondary raw materials and disposal of waste.

14. Control of contents of packages, EEC regulations.

15. Tests on paperboard and blanks to assure perfect running conditions, durability and hygiene.

16. Packaging of liquid milk.

17. Packaging materials for fermented milk products.

18. Packaging for butter.

19. Bulk containers for milk powder.

20. “3-ASanitary Standards” for the hygienic packaging of milk and milk products.

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Bulletin of the IDF No. 300/1995







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