Special Issue 0501 – Future Of The Sheep And Goats Dairy Sector – All five parts

Special Issue 0501

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Proceedings of an International Symposium, 28-30 October 2004, Zaragoza, Spain – Published in five separate parts:

Part 1: Panorama of the sheep and goat dairy sectors

Situation of sheep dairy sector and goat dairy sector in different parts of the world (EU, Central and Eastern Europe, Mediterranean West Asia, North Africa, North America, South America, Asia) with data on production, types and volumes of products and sectoral structure, numbers and breeds of animals. Recent changes, prices, payment systems, competition, profitability, multifunctionality, future scenarios.

Keywords: America, Asia, Breeds, Dairy sector, Europe, Goat, Milk, North Africa, Payment system, Prices, Prospective forecast, Sheep

64 pages, in English

Part 2: Marketing of traditional and new products

Origins and development of products of sheep

and goats milk, cheese production and varieties, traditional and industrial scale products, protected denominations of origin, product quality, sensory characteristics, commercial prospects, marketing strategies, trends and objectives.

Specific varieties: Carra, La Gomera, Halloumi, Idiazabal, Pecorino Romano, Tuzlu.

Keywords: Cheese, Denomination of origin, development of products, Goat, Industrial products, Marketing, Milk, Sheep, Traditional products

44 pages, in English

Part 3: Production and quality of sheep and goat milk. Prospects for their improvement

Composition of sheep milk and goat milk, proteins and cheesemaking properties, polymorphism, genetic determination and differences between breeds, genetic improvement, micelles, alkaline phosphatase and its determination, fats and taste of cheese, cheese yield, lipolysis, triglycerides, branched chain and trans fatty acids, CLA and vaccenic acid, antimicrobials indigenous and residual, hygienic condition, somatic cell counting, mastitis control, machine milking, animal feed effects, sensory effects, identification of animals

Keywords: Alkaline phosphatase methods, Animal identification, Antimicrobials, Cheese, Composition of milk, Fatty acid, Feeds, Genetics, Goat, Hygiene, Lipolysis, Mastitis control, Milk, Milking characteristics, Nutrition, Pasteurization, Polymorphism, Protein, Sheep, Somatic cell count

95 pages, in English

Part 4: Features and technological aptitudes of sheep and goat milks; new technologies

Physical and chemical characteristics of milk and effects of freezing, pasteurization and high pressure, stability of milk proteins and fats in storage, rennet coagulation, glycolysis, proteolysis and lipolysis, effects of storage on processing characteristics for yoghurt and cheese and cheese yield, heat stability, application of membrane technology, optical monitoring of milk and cheese making processes, measurement of syneresis, PCR and NIRS detection of cows milk, plsmin activity

Keywords: Cheese yield, Coagulation, Freezing milk, Milk, Glycolysis, Goat, Heat stability, Hygienic quality, Lactoperoxidase, Lamb rennet, Lipolysis, Membrane technology, Optical monitoring, NIRS, PCR, Processing characteristics, Proteolysis, Sheep, Stability in storage

85 pages, in English

Part 5: Nutritional and health properties

Nutritional differences between cows and sheep and goats milk, claims concerning allergenicity, protein differences and similarities, fatty acid composition and fat globule size, micronutrient bioavailability, effects of feed supplements on milk composition and sensory quality, effect on iron and copper in malabsorption syndrome, bioactive peptides

Keywords: Allergenicity, Bioactive peptides, CLA, Digestion, Fatty acid composition, Fat globule size, Goat, Linoleic, Linolenic, Malabsorption syndrome, Micronutrients, Milk, PUFA, Sheep, Trans fatty acids

40 pages, in English

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Special Issue 0501


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