Bulletin of the IDF No. 317/1996 – Fat Replacers – Ripening and Quality of Cheeses

Bulletin of the IDF No. 317/1996

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Fat Replacers
by A. Huyghebaert, K. Dewettinck & W. de Greyt (Belgium)

Increasingly, the term fat replacers is used to differentiate between fat substitutes and fat mimetics. Fat substitutes include fatty acid based products with ester bonds resistant to lipase catalysed hydrolysis. Fat mimetics are carbohydrate and protein based materials that mimetic the properties of natural fats and oils in foodstuffs. Different types of fat mimetics are discussed. Recent developments in the application of fat replacers in dairy products are described.
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Ripening and Quality of Cheeses
Abstracts of presentations at the IDF Symposium on Ripening and Quality of Cheeses, held in Besançon, 26 – 28 February 1996

Abstracts of 46 oral communications and 80 posters are presented covering the following topics:
Session 1: Sensory analysis and characterization of flavour compounds
Session 2: Characterization of proteolysis
Session 3: Characterization and formation of texture
Session 4: Formation of flavour and autolysis
Session 5: Environmental factors, microbial ecology and activity
Session 6: New aspects on cheese ripening and quality
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Bulletin of the IDF No. 317/1996







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