Bulletin of the IDF No. 313/1996 – Effects of Whey Proteins on Cheese Characteristics – Oligosaccharides and Probiotic Bacteria

Bulletin of the IDF No. 313/1996

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Effects of Whey Proteins on Cheese Characteristics
by G.W. Jameson (Australia) & J. Lelievre (Canada)

Opinion varies as to whether technologies for increasing the level of whey proteins in cheese significantly alter the properties of traditional cheese varieties. The chemical, biochemical and biophysical effects of whey proteins in cheese are reviewed. It is concluded that such effects do occur, but their nature and severity vary widely, depending on the cheese variety and whether the whey proteins are in the native or denatured state. Some cheeses are not adversely affected by incorporation of native whey proteins through use of ultrafiltration-based cheese manufacturing technology.
6 pp

Oligosaccharides and Probiotic Bacteria
by various authors – Group of Experts B42 – Lactose derivatives

The 8 papers comprising this monograph cover: the commercial availability of oligosaccharides; the metabolism of bifidogenic factors by gut flora; functional and nutritional foods containing bifidogenic factors; benefits of bifidobacteria to human health; lactulose as a growth promoting factor for Bifidobacterium and its physiological aspects; technical aspects related to the incorporation of bifidobacteria and bifidogenic factors in feed materials and dairy products; and finally, techniques for the production of transgalactosylated oligosaccharides.
56 pp

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Bulletin of the IDF No. 313/1996







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