Bulletin of the IDF N° 461/ 2013: Collaborative studies on methods to determine enzyme activity in cheese making

Bulletin of the IDF No. 461/2013

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It is important to know the activities and compositions of different enzyme preparations in cheese making to be able to use them in an optimal way. It is in this context that the results of three different collaborative studies on different methods intended for such enzyme preparations are presented in this issue of the Bulletin of IDF.

The methods studied were: Microbial Coagulants – Determination of total milk-clotting activity (ISO 15174 | IDF 176), Calf rennet and adult bovine rennet – Determination by chromatography of chymosin and bovine pepsin contents (ISO 15163 | IDF 110) and the draft version of the method Milk and milk products – Determination of the lipase activity of pregastric lipase preparation (ISO 13082 | IDF 218). The methods were subject to international collaborative studies to establish their precision characteristics (repeatability, r and reproducibility, R), which now are incorporated in the respective international standards.

Keywords: collaborative study, cheese making enzymes, coagulants, rennet, milk clotting activity, lipase.

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Bulletin of the IDF No. 461/2013


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