Special Issue 9601 – Bacteriological Quality of Raw Milk

Special Issue 9601


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International Dairy Federation Symposium held in association with the Federal Institute for Dairy Research of Austria, in Wolfpassing (Austria), 13–15 March 1996 (see also Bulletin No. 256/1991)

Problems in the field of bacteriological quality of raw milk from the farm are changing and are under continuous development regarding, for example legislation, knowledge about metabolism and pathogenicity of microorganisms and, primarily, methods to detect undesired bacteria and substances. This Symposium was held with the aim of discussing:

  • new aspects regarding legislation and consumers’ views
  • better knowledge of the metabolism and pathogenicity the contamination paths of microorganisms
  • infection routes of microorganisms
  • improved methods to detect undesired bacteria and substances

In general, for all these topics goat and sheep milk should also be taken into consideration along with the products made from raw milk. Twenty-one papers and 6 posters are presented which provide the opportunity to find and perhaps solve common problems throughout the world.


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Special Issue 9601